May news

At present we have very little evidence of any produce in the Shop. There are just a few Swedes and a daily supply of eggs. The reason is that we are just between seasons.

Behind the scenes, we are busy! The cereals have been sown for stock feed, the potatoes are in the process of being planted – for seed and ware. The first carrots, beetroot, spinach and turnips have been sown and gradually the fields are filling up with plantings of leeks and onions, cabbages and cauliflowers, kohl rabi and fennel, celery, swede and a whole variety of delicious vegetables.

The hens continue to produce a daily supply of organic eggs whatever the season.

We hope the first of this season’s produce will be in our shop in the yard in the village about mid June and will have mint to accompany your new potatoes! (we are, of course, weather dependent!

In the meantime, if you are gardeners yourselves, we wish you a good season and a good early summer to you all.

We appreciate your custom and look forward to seeing you when you have time to call in.

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