At Newfields Organics we only sell what we grow and all our produce is Certified Organic by the Soil Association.

They are mostly hand weeded and picked to order thus ensuring maximum freshness for our customers.

We grow all year round, naturally with the season and are of course weather dependent but vegetables we produce include:

Red and Green Lettuce
Kohl Rabi
Rainbow Chard
White Turnips
Curly Kale
Red Cabbage
Rainbow Chard
Brussel Sprouts




December to March

Early purple sprouting broccoli, bulging brussel sprouts, mottled blue and deep green cabbages, romanesco, kale,  celeriac still, but now red winter cooking celery,  swedes and turnips doing a ‘Little and Large’ with the skinny salsify and gnarled Jerusalem artichokes, fatter leeks now, fatter beetroot too, and no doubt some funny shaped parsnips, really dirty juicy carrots, onions, garlic and shallots, big baking potatoes, and fluffy roasters, all the veg you need for soups, stews and comfort food.


March to June

Still plenty of winter staples with the full flush of sprouting broccoli, then spring greens and later sweethearted cabbage, young leaves and shoots, including bronze tinged lettuce, maybe the first beetroot with their leaves and broad beans small enough to eat in the pod, big ribbed swiss chard and the first pungent spring onions.


July to September

Early potatoes, broad beans and sugarsnap peas, flat beans and French beans, green onions, baby beetroot and pink and golden, carrots with tops, courgettes and summer squash like flying saucers, crinkly cucumbers, our own tomatoes in different shapes and sizes, sweet summer turnip, pale green kohlrabi, buttery cabbages, broccoli heads and spears, cauliflower white and green, blue-black cavalo nero, crunchy celery and radishes, myriad lettuces and salad combos, basil coriander and parsley.


September to December

Main crop potatoes, runner beans and French beans, maybe some late peas, corncobs crying out for butter, red onions, shallots and garlic, chunky beetroot, fat carrots, golden turnips, heavy cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli, romanesco, royal purple kohlrabi, curly green, frilly red and purple veined kale, sentry leeks, scented fennel and earthy parsnips, stripy marrows, a cornucopia of winter squash, knobbly celeriac and tall celery, and home-made tomato chutney.