We have over 50 Suckler Cattle who produce our Beef herd and future Suckler herd. We have Charolais, Limousin, Limousin Cross, Sim-Luing breeds on the farm. The Suckler herd and Beef herd are kept inside during the winter months and then put out to graze in our fields during the Summer months.


We have over 250 Ewes at the moment. 10 Tups. We have this years lambs currently. The breeds of sheep we keep are Pure Texel, Texel Cross, Swaledales, Mules, Suffolks, Suffolk cross and Blue Faced Leicesters. The Sheep spend their time grazing the fields and the pregnant Ewes come inside at Lambing time.


We have around 200 Laying Hens. We get these in as Pullets and they are free to roams and have their house to sleep and lay in.


lambing time